Summer of Savings Consumer Rebate Offer!

Act now to save money with Evans Cooling’s Summer Savings Rebate Program! Rebate offer is good for purchase of Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant (USA part # EC53001, Canada part # EC53101) between June 1, and August 31, 2018.

If you’ve been thinking about finally converting your vehicle to Evans to avoid boil-over, corrosion and electrolysis, this is your chance to save a minimum of $20.00 (four gallons) and up to $40.00 (eight gallons) off your next purchase of Evans High Performance Waterless Coolant. A conversion to Evans means you can put the problems of water behind you – permanently!

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Why Evan’s Coolant?

Evans Waterless Coolants are perfectly suited for the demands of any hard-working engine.

Designed to be a “pour-in” coolant, Evans makes it easy to convert from conventional antifreeze and water mixes to Waterless Coolant. No cooling system component modification are required for a successful conversion.

No-cost coolant testing is offered by Evans Cooling Systems.

An Evans technician will test the coolant from your converted engine to converm a successful conversion to Waterless Coolant.

Evans Waterless Coolants provide low temperature protection.

Waterless Coolants out-perform conventional coolant in freezing weather. Evans Waterless Coolants remain liquid below -40 degrees farenheit. Evans Waterless Coolants contract in falling temperatures preventing damage from freezing.

Evans Waterless Coolants work well with radiators and liquid-to-liquid oil coolers. The thermal conductivity of water is high but the conductivity of water vapor is near zero. Engines running with Waterless Coolant can be operated at higher coolant temperatures while maintain control of the metal temperatures. This fact permits higher fan control temperatures and less fuel robbing parasitic drag.

All Evans Waterless Coolants are virtually lifetime coolants.

The additives are stable and remain in solution for the life of the coolant. The lifetime attribute of Waterless Coolants eliminates the need for coolant changes to renew cooling effectiveness. Waterless Coolants avoid damage to metal, hoses, and gaskets from electrolysis. The lack of water in Waterless Coolants virtually eliminates pump and cylinder liner cavitation. Significant maintenance savings on both gasoline and diesel engines can be had through the use of Evans Water Coolants. The limits of Evans Waterless Engine Coolants have yet to be discovered.

Evans High Performance Coolant

The best of Evans Waterless Automotive Engine Coolants in one formula.
Designed for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines.
Use in cars, trucks, boats, light aircraft and motorcycles.

  • Protects from -40 degrees farenheit to 375 degrees farenheit
  • Protects against boil-over
  • Eliminates pump cavitation
  • Prevents electrolysis
  • Corrosion free
  • Reduces detonation
  • Enables more horsepower
  • Eliminates cylinder liner caviation
  • Eliminates SCAs
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Less toxic
  • Safer for the environment
  • Lifetime coolant
  • Waterless Technology

Extremely hot environments are not a concern for Evans Waterless Coolants.

Evans Waterless Coolants are pure coolant and no water is permitted. Cooling systems fitted with Evans Waterless Coolants operating in performance applications will function safely within a few degrees of traditional water-based coolants. Evans unique operating characteristics retain cooler metal temperatures at hot spot sources inside the engine. Evans offers assurance that the cooling system will not boil over, due to the liquid’s high boiling point 375 degrees farenheit.